What were they thinking????

The alcoholic beverage of choice here is gin. Our local Costco consistently carries only a few brands, the Kirkland brand, Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, Hendricks. At random intervals some other brands will make a brief, cameo appearance, and then disappear forever. One such brand showed up a week or so ago: “Prohobition Spirits / Jack’s Gin / GIN No. 3 / Melon and Mint“. Nothing ventured, nothing lost, we got a bottle.

Once opened, you are overwhelmed by the scent. We tried mixing it with Campari, and the Campari lost big time! This gin smelled and tasted like what I would imagine a cross between Hand Sanitizer and Fruit Loops would produce. I expect that when the current stock is exhausted it will, in fact, disappear forever. It will not be missed.