COVID-19 shots at the Kaiser Permanente Cafe

We signed up for COVID shots on the KP website on Jan 16 and (since we qualified) were given appointments in Oakland on Sunday Jan 24. The injection site is just down the block on MacArthur from the hospital complex and used to be a CSAAA headquarters. The entire operation worked very smoothly. Since we were a bit early, the staff managing the parking lot behind the building told us to wait in the car until called. At the appropriate time they came past the cars and told us to start at the entrance line (with social distance spacing). In all, we were in 3 or 4 queues, all of which were short, to answer questions, get forms and finally get the injections. After the injections we went to a large room to wait for 15 minutes, just in case there was an allergic or other reaction, and then happily home with our official proof of purchase cards. Staff was helpful, experience non-stressful. Very well done! We now await round 2.